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I realize that i haven’t been posting since the end of spring of last year, and I feel extremely bad about it. I love anime and manga, but during the summer, I had left on a long term trip, and I totally neglected my blog here. I will be starting up again, but I need your help! Any feedback is appreciated, and I would like to know if you guys have any requests! I have beefed up my pool of Anime’s and Manga’s to show a review on, but I also need help in finding new ones! I will not be creating any pages on the large mainstream Anime’s and Manga’s like One Piece and Naruto. Those are really too large for me to do, but I am willing to take any other requests!

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Hyouka is a Mystery, School, Slice of life anime with a hint of Romance in it as well. Oreki Houtarou is a protagonist that is all about saving energy. His motto is

Houtarou motto

His existence is the definition of grey. The only reason he joined the Classic Literature Club was his elder sister requested it, being that she was once part of the club, and didn’t want to see it get dissolved, lasting for over 45 years. Oreki Houtarou’s hopefully grey life crashed when he met Chitanda Eru. Chitanda was born under a wealthy farming family and gets top grades, but whenever she learned of a mystery, she would be consumed by the thought of it and can’t think of anything else until it has been solved. When she learned that Oreki was good at solving mysteries, she started to go to him whenever there was a mystery at hand. Oreki hates it when that moment comes and he knows it’s coming, when she says “I’m curious!”, and for some odd reason, he finds her “Someone he can’t ignore.” His best friend, Fukube Satoshi , also joined the Classics Club, is proud of his impressive memory, and calls himself  the human “Database”. He always teases Oreki to go out more, though is jealous of his ability to solve problems so quickly. Last, but not least, is Ibara Mayaka, the final of the four club members. Although she and Houtarou do not get along very well, their relationship becomes friendlier after becoming friends with Chitanda, who she calls “Chi-chan”. Ibara, hosts feelings for Satoshi, he avoids the topic when it rises, making them both do a complicated dance around the topic. Also, it is hinted that feelings are starting to build between Oreki and Chitanda.


From left to right, Fukube Satoshi, Chitanda Eru, Oreki Hōtarō, Ibara Mayaka.

The first thing that they try to solve is the mystery behind the lost memory Chitanda was trying to remember before her uncle was to be proclaimed dead. The mystery of Hyouka, the 45 year mystery of the Classics club.

This anime might have a slower start at first, but it will draw you in until you can’t stop until you get to the last episode.

Im curious

8.5/10 for personal rating

7.9/10 rating by IMDb

Episode One

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Alright, time for a little mystery! Gosick is a one season anime, with 24 episodes. There is also a manga, but I have not had the time to read it yet, so I’ll add that on another time. If you wish to read the manga, I will inform you that there is a continuation called Gosick Red, after the end of Gosick.

This anime art is a bit more cutesy, but never the less a good series. The story revolves around two high school students from the prestigious Saint Marguerite Academy,  Kujo Kazuya, and Victorique de Blois. Kazuya is an honor student, who is studying abroad due to his excellent grades. Victorique is a student that sits in the botanical garden at the top of a school library, which is also a very tall tower, with at least half a dozen flights going up to the top. Both of them are pretty much rejected, with kojo baptized with the name “Black Reaper” and Victorique is almost never seen, always sitting in the botanical garden, dubbing her with the nickname “Golden Fairy in the High Tower.” Another thing about Victorique is the fact that she is almost like a doll, being only 5 feet in height, with long blond hair, and deep emerald eyes. However, she is extremely smart, and can solve difficult mysteries with ease by aligning the “Pieces of Chaos”, or facts.

This duo is put together majorly because of their teacher,  Cecile Lafitte, making Kazuya her messenger boy to bring Victorique work since she never leaves the tower. Shortly after their encounter, he acts as the messenger and mild form of entertainment to her, otherwise, she is often found reading multiple difficult books, often different languages, at the same time. Or she could be rolling around on the floor. She often complains of headaches due to boredom. Kazuya on the other hand, is left in total shock when she could solve a crime just by listening to it. He also complains, having to travel multiple flights of stairs everyday at least twice a day, with no access to the elevator, and on top of that, he is usually bringing paper work for Victorique, who acts harsh and even ignores or makes fun of him. But it takes a twist when they learn of a mystery that takes them to board a boat that supposedly sank…

Go Sick

Episode One

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Anime in April

Because it is April, or poetry month, I though I would give it a try to make a poem for my blog post. I was looking around on the internet and I came across such an awesome poem, I immediately gave up on making one and used this one instead. It describes anime quite well, and Its pretty much perfect. I would rather not tweak it, so to give all the credit to the writer. By the way, It was also one of the poems chosen to be published in something called the Celebration of Young Writers. All credit goes to Ryan Simpson. (Did do spell check though, to the best of my ability)

The over-sized eyes, the colorful hair
The Japanese culture everywhere
Silly, happy, dramatic, sad
Each emotion good or bad
The lines of risqué disappears
The limits are gone the censorship pierced
Not just for children everyone see
there’s one for all, for you and for me
The robots’ machine guns
The cute girls’ magic wands
The stories flow everywhere
It’s life, it’s here
It’s Anime.

Round of Applause to you, Ryan

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Log Horizon

^^^ please watch for the awesome intro to the anime^^^

Log Horizon is a about gamers stuck in some people could only dream of having happen to them. They got stuck in the virtual world of Elder Tale, a popular MMO (Mass-Multiplayer Online) game. People who had been logged on at the time of the addition expansion pack, the Novasphere Pioneers. Shiroe, the Protagonist, was a veteran of the game, and had been logged on at the time of the expansion, and as a result was trapped in the game. Shiroe was a known Adventurer (Player)  throughout the most of the game, and was the strategist to one of the most well known groups, called the Debauchery Tea Party. It was a small group that consisted of about 30 high level Adventurers.

Basically, you have become your own character in a game that, seconds ago had been on a computer screen. The situation is in chaos right now, with people all over panicking and trying to find out what was going on. Shiroe, a level 90 Enchanter was one of the victims of what was later to be called, the Apocalypse. With his two companions, Naotsugu, the level 90 Guardian, and Akatsuki, the level 90 female Assassin, he slowly learns about and adapts to the world he was now to live in. I am going to do a quick overview of the anime, and then instead of my usual snippet of the anime, I’m going to try and attach it separately as to rid of spoilers.

Anybody who had been logged on was trapped. There was no way out, with the log out button not functioning, and killing yourself will only get you respawned in the Cathedral. Quoting Shiroe, “This is no longer a game. This is our new reality.” The world they now lived in looked and was generally the same as the game, except now they were playing inside the game, and not controlling the characters from behind a computer screen. The concept of the game was the same, you kill monsters for experience points and money, and you could use your same skills/spells and items.

Sorry this was a bad and abrupt post, but you should definetly check it out, even if your not into these kinds of things. The graphics and animations are decent, but its storyline is quite good, with good amounts of humor and many hidden morals within it. I would advise at least the first one. I will even put a link to it for you.

*Warning* You will not be able to see the video unless you disable ad-blocker on the site first.


I will also give you a link to a great humor version of it on you tube, although it is completely unrelated and for humor only (Rated R for crude humor)

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Ginban Kaleidoscope (Skating Rink Kaleidoscope)

Alright! In honor of the Winter Olympics, I will write about an anime that has to do with the olympics. Now don’t give up on me after just saying that, because this anime was really a shocker for me, and I really enjoyed it, even though I’m not the type to follow the Olympics.

Ginban Kaleidoscope is about an ice skater, Sakurano Tazusa, competing to be the sole representative for Japan in the Olympics. She considers herself to be $10 billion worth of beauty, although the media had doubts on whether she had the skill, constantly falling in crucial moments in her ice skating programs. During a certain fall though, a Canadian air stuntsman, Pete Pumps, dies during an air stunt at the exact same moment, and before he must leave this world, he must stay in the world for another hundred days. Pete Pumps then is placed in Sakurano’s body and can’t leave till the hundred days are up.

lately, I’ve been doing scenes from the anime, but this time, I think I want to focus more on what the anime is and the story line is about in particular. Now before I start, I must tell you that I had much trouble with it at first, but then all of a sudden, I had to watch the whole thing, and in two days I was done. I really loved this anime, despite all the doubts I had in it. It has a perfect blend of comedy and tenderness in it, and it had a very satisfying happy/sad ending that will most likely have you tearing up at the end as I did.

I find the story a nice and light comedy, even though it was not labeled as one. It had the perfect touch of it, making it interesting. The side characters had very nice development in them and were concrete, and not just extras in the anime. You could almost feel the time passing, each moment took its time and the scenes didn’t drag on too long. It also has one of the best developments in romance (ewww right? 😛 ) I have seen. You can personally feel the bond between Tazusa and Pete. You also see how much the both of them change within the hundred days. The denouement is really something though. It was perfect. The ending was better than many I have seen, on par with Angel Beats, and just as sad. This is one of the few anime’s that most will find, mostly by chance, but never regretting it.

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Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~

Ok, so I won’t always do this, but since you have to see both seasons of the anime, I will put them together. In the Anime world, Clannad and its sequel, Clannad: After Story, Its is one of the highest rated animes, with an official rating of 9.56 out of 10 (Clannad), and a 9.74 out of 10 (Clannad ~After Story~) on animeplus.tv. Many people will go bananas if they hear you say you didn’t watch it. The only reasons you might not want to watch it is because its not an extremely fast paced anime. It has a way of making it feel like it’s actually taking place with you right there watching it first hand, and the second reason is because it is considered one of the saddest anime’s. It has its way of making you feel the situations, and when something good happens, you smile and feel all bubbly, while during the sad parts, you can’t help but feel the suffering and sadness, and have the urge to cry. I you don’t have to watch both seasons, but I will highly recommend watching at least the first one, even if you’re not into romance/drama/tragedy kind of things. I’ll admit myself, I held off on this anime for the longest time, but this is one of those few that are on a different level than the rest of the them out there.

Clannad is about Okazaki Tomoya, a senior in highschool that had slowly turned in delinquent due to the fact that his mother had died when he was younger and his dad started drinking and gambling because of the loss. He and his friend, Sunohara, skip school and plan to waste the year away. One day on the way to school, he encounters a girl. He starts to hang around her, and slowly, his life starts to shift in another direction.

I will not do just one scene, but two, one short one on their first encounter, and another longer one.

Scene One.

I hate this city. It’s full of memories I want to forget about. Go to school everyday, chat with friends, then return home to a place I’d rather not go back to. Will doing this ever give way to change? Will that day come?

“Sweet bean bun!” Huh? That startled me. That girl just upped and said that… “Do you like this school? I really, really love it. But nothing can stay unchanged.” A girl I’ve never seen before. The words weren’t directed at me. She must be talking to someone within her heart. “Fun things… Happy things… They can’t all possibly remain the same. Even so, can you keep on loving this place?” “Just find them. Just find new fun and happy things. Come on, lets get going.”

We start to walk up… 

…the long, long, uphill climb.

Scene Two.

I see her outside through a window, eating alone in the same spot as usual. Shes about to take a bite of her bun and sees me. Scared, but after a moment, she looks up at me and waves at me with a smile on her face. “I’m glad. I’m glad that I found the courage to wave at you. I thought that you might not forgive me, since I hurt you.” “I’m sorry, too. Really.” Now she starts tear up and cry a little. “I’m sorry. Now that I feel relieved… I’m such an idiot, right?” And she still gives me that little, happy smile, with tears in her eyes. I reach over and grab her bun and rip off the top of the bun, that part that she had cried on and eat it. “You might be an idiot, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.” I hand back the bun and drop it in her hands. “You think so?” “I’m an idiot, too. I’m on the same level as you.” I look up into the blue sky and say in almost like a trance, “Far away from those who can handle the world well or can take risky gambles. I bet there’s a lot of stress to handle, but if it means crying alone, come get me.” She looks up started by my words, as much as I was myself. “I mean, since I’ve got time. Hanging around with you keeps me free from boredom.” She looks at me and gives me a light smile. “Okay. I’ll call you when I feel like crying.”

10/10 for both Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~

9.56/10 for Clannad

9.74/10 for Clannad ~After Story~

Episode One of Clannad

Episode One of Clannad ~After Story~


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